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Auto accidents are serious matters; you could be injured by another person’s negligence. These incidents frequently cause medical, dental or psychological problems, requiring lengthy treatments, a substantial loss of income and long periods of recovery. Choosing competent, knowledgeable legal representation is the wisest choice you can make when dealing with these issues to assist you in your physical and financial recovery.

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Many law firms advertise a wide array of solutions in as many places – on television, billboards, the sides of taxis, buses, etc. They all look and sound the same. Sometimes these firms may not even be located in your area. Other times, you may not be speaking directly to a lawyer, or may you experience the frustration of being passed from one lawyer to another within the same firm.

This will never happen with Sommers & Sommers LLP.

We have extensive experience in the handling of auto accident and other personal injury cases. Our attorneys are always involved throughout your case – from the very first meeting to the time your case is resolved. At Sommers & Sommers LLP, we pride ourselves on our experience, accessibility and successful case record. We are happy to answer all of your inquiries at any time.

We offer a free consultation and will make house or hospital calls, if necessary. There is no fee unless we recover damages for you. In some instances, your auto accident case can be settled without ever resorting to litigation, enabling you to obtain a monetary recovery much sooner.

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